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About PRQ

PRQ was founded in 2004. We are a small player on the Swedish and international hosting market, which was started and is being run by Internet veterans with long experience - most of us have been online for over 10 years. We simply love the Internet and the possibilities provided by it, and our stated goal has always been to help a broad range of companies and individuals publish themselves using it. Our small size means that you always have personal contact with us and that we're very flexible - if our standard packages doesn't fit your needs, we're more than happy to provide you with one that does.

We are firm believers in freedom of speech, commerce, and the right to privacy and anonymity, and this is reflected both in our terms of service and in our actual actions. Unlike most providers, we will not disable your service under any circumstances unless it's either not paid for, used for spamming, DoSing or other activities harming the network, is used for publishing very obviously illegal material like child porn, or if we're ordered to by a Swedish court. We are not sensitive to pressure in the form of legal threats (we even have our own legal staff), bad press, campaigns, organized boycotts, angry mobs, etc. We host several very controversial websites, and have a spotless track record in regard to this.

We do not require knowing your name, address, etc, although it can be advantageous to have them in certain situations (and they are handled very carefully, always stored encrypted, our personnel screened throughly for trustworthiness, and can only be accessed from two dedicated workstations who like the main server also have encrypted harddrives). Neither do we require a written contract. The only thing we need to know about you to set up the service is which e-mail address that should receive the invoices. Logging is only done to the minimal extent required for trouble-shooting in case of problems, and thus we do not have any logs whatsoever of data traffic.

We are a LIR (Local Internet Registry - members of RIPE and thus assigned IP addresses and other Internet resources directly from them). We have our own AS number, 33837.

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